26 February, 2009

Clean Teeth

Baby Bear went to the dentist this morning, and did very well. She gets pretty nervous in new situations, and though she has been to the dentist before it has been a little more than a year. The hygienist was very good with her, calm and talked a lot about her puppies and Baby Bear hardly knew what was going on with her teeth. Overall her teeth are pretty good, she does a 2 small cavities that will need filling. The dentist was not too worried about it because they are in baby teeth, which are going to fall out, so it gives us some time to form new and better habits. So go scrub your pearly whites, and check back soon!

23 February, 2009

New Look

So what do you think of our new look? It took some work and I made a lot of mistakes with the header, but after getting it up I think it looks quite good! The name of our layout is Spring Fever, can you tell we are itching to get outside? Hibernation is getting pretty old, we are ready from spring and some nice weather. 

20 February, 2009

The Point

So the point of yesterday's post was to set up todays! Since November Baby Bears hair has bee growing quickly. I figured it was time for another hair cut. This is what Her hair looked like before we went to the salon.
And what it looks like now.
Here are side views
and the back looks bsically the same.
This is her after a good washing and styling for school this morning.

19 February, 2009

Just a Trim

So last November Baby Bear was really having a hard time wanting to wash or comb her hair. We talked a lot about taking care of hair, and why she needed to do those things. Things did not improve so it came to the point where we needed to take some drastic measures & make things a little easier on her.
This is Baby Bear pre-haircut

This is Baby Bear post-haircut

17 February, 2009


Saturday was Baby Bears birthday and we did it up in style. She had a "Mini" party, with mainly family and I think the photos speak for themselves! 

Baby Bear & Our guests

Mini hats, mini plates, napkins cups & forks
Mini Cupcakes instead of a cake
Mini quiche, mini cookies & mini pizza. Everything in the mini gift bags was mini too! We sure had a lot of fun celebrating Baby Bear's 7th birthday!

Baby Bear and some of her gifts

We were very excited to have a "mini" guest arrive later in the day. This is Baby Bears little cousin, how cute is he!

09 February, 2009

Nearly Time!

We have a big event coming up this weekend. Baby Bear will be turning 7! Her birthday is on the 14th, and we think that is a pretty cool day to be born. She is really excited for her birthday to get here. We make a big deal out of birthdays in our house, because we think it is the only day in a year that is all about you. We plan on having a "mini party" on Saturday. Why is it mini? Well you will have to wait and see! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Look for our post-birthday post early next week, complete with pictures!

04 February, 2009

Settled In

Things are going well here at the Bear house! We have moved now, and are enjoying our bigger place very, very much! Papa Bear was very sore from hauling so many boxes up and down so many stairs, and then having to put in 5 hours at work all in the same day. He is also enjoying the rewards of so much hard work, and is busy turning the unfinished basement space into a home gym. Papa Bear enjoys weight lifting and running, and we've not had space to set up the treadmill and have all they weights out for some time.

Baby bear is enjoying her new room, which funny enough, looks nearly identical to her old room! The novelty that her room is "upstairs" hasn't worn off just yet. She is looking forward to putting up her pictures and things on her walls, and we are looking for a nice curtain rod to hand some drapes. Drapes that are yet to be made, but a little bears birthday is coming up very soon! *wink*

As for me, I am over the moon that the new house has a huge living room, with space enough for all of my book shelves and all of our furniture. It was a little like Christmas around here for a few days, opening up all the boxes that have spent the past 6 months in storage. My favorite feature on the house is the small space that could be called a Family Room. I have completely taken over it and already have sewing things and bit of scrap booking items scattered all around. The room has a large east facing window and is bathed in gorgeous sunlight until nearly noon. All in all we are quite pleased with our new space, and we look forward to hosting many family visits and nacho-fests here in the near future!