21 July, 2009

Quick Update

Quick update! Things are good. Packing is coming along kind of slow, and time is running out so I am sure it will pick up here soon ;-) Baby Bear and I were able to spend some of last week with extended family we haven't seen in a long time. It was really fun, Baby Bear jumped right in with the other girls her age and I didn't see her for nearly the entire evening. We also spent a few hours cleaning our new "cave". We don't have running water there yet, due to a leak in the bathroom so wall washing had to wait. We have some big plans for this new cave of ours, we will be doing some renovations! I am excited to break our my paint roller and go to town, Papa Bear will be putting his flooring talents to good use, and replaceing the old, old, Old lino that is currently in part of the cave. Stay tuned for a FULL feature before and after photo post to come!

Speaking of rennovations! The BLOG is getting one too! Very excited for our new look!

10 July, 2009


Time is moving very fast toward our moving day. I have been super busy packing, sorting and selling, and launching my little sewing company. Things are good, we are all happy! Forgive us if the updates are few and far between for the next month or so, we will catch up soon!

Until then, enjoy this amazing Tile work that Papa Bear did! It is all slate tile, which is tricky to work with, but he did a fabulous job! I should mention as well, that he put down all the hardwood in this house too!

First is tile that goes around the island in the kitchen.

Next is The fireplace, tiling on the diagonal is not as easy as you might think.

Last is the entrance, So pretty!

♥ The Three Bears♥

03 July, 2009

Moving Along

Things are moving along in my quest to pack this house. I showed a picture a while back of the sewing room at the very start of my packing.

I was still in the d-junk stage at that point, I took a photo about a week ago to compare if I had made any progress yet. I think it is pretty obvious that I made the mess a lot worse! I was able to get rid of the larde storage unit, but I gained a PIANO! Baby Bear is excited about that, she is going to start taking lessons in the fall.

I had a burst of energy the past couple of days, so I put it to good use and I am very pleased with the actually progress that has been made. The final photo is one taken today, things are moving along.

01 July, 2009

July 1st

It is Canada Day today! Papa Bear has the day off, and we sure like it when he gets to stay home. We did some yard work today, the lawn really needed it. I don't have before and after pictures bacuase that is just, WAY too embarassing! We went on a bike ride, got some ice cream and just spent some time together.

This morning Baby Bear helped me out again, by modeling some skirts I made for the Etsy shop I recently opened. It was really fun to see her creativity in posing, like the last time, Baby Bear had complete control over where and how to pose. Here is a few of our best shots.