29 June, 2009

Where the WILD THINGS are.

Well, they are at the ZOO! And that is where the Bear House was on Saturday. It was the Bear country family reunion over the weekend, and we spent some time in the big city with our fellow bears. It was a great time playing with the medium sized bears and snuggling the little bears. Enjoy some pictures we got of some of the wild things we saw!

The Bear cousins.
Baby Bear was thrilled they had HIPPOS! I was thrilled that they were out and visible.

You could get really close to these long legged friends.

This guy was just wandering around the Zoo!

24 June, 2009

It's Summertime!

Not much new to report here. The sorting of the house is moving along nicely, we have several things we have decided to sell rather than haul them with us. Papa Bear is still excited to be going to school. It seems like it is taking a long time for the first day to get here, but looking back it has been 2 months since we decided to move! So I am sure the remaining time will go quickly as well.

Baby Bear's last day of grade one is tomorrow! This school year has flown by and she has learned tons! Stay tuned for the end of the year report, and perhaps a happy dance or two. We hope you all have a wonderful summer! See you soon.

15 June, 2009

Fun in the SUN

It was a super nice weekend here in Bear Country. We spent part of Saturday at the beach. First trip this year! Papa Bear & Baby Bear enjoyed the sun, sand and the lake, while I enjoyed the shade and a book. This next weekend looks really promising too, so I suspect we will be heading out there again, maybe this time with lunch!

14 June, 2009


I am pleased to announce that JaeJay has seen success already! After just 4 days, There are 29 members of the facebook group! I am thrilled! Plans are being made for an official Grand Opening of the Etsy shop. I have set July 1st as the day that I will be up and running there. I am currently working on some new things for the shop and setting up the first Give Away! That I will be running during the grand opening. I am so humbled at the support I have already gotten, and so grateful for all of you.


10 June, 2009

Going into Business

I have decided to try selling some of my creations. I like to sew, anyone who knows me knows that. I have been told a lot recently that I should sell my stuff, so after weeks of thinking and planning I am going to take the plunge! It will be slow going at first, I have only a few things ready to go.
I created an Etsy shop you can see HERE.
I created a Facebook Group which you can join HERE.
Orders are accepted at either place.
Here is a sample of what I have for sale currently.

Come by and see the rest of my stuff! and feel free to Buy!

08 June, 2009

The Beginning

So the news is out! The Bear house is moving. The rumor mill is running at full speed judging from the amount of corrections I have to make each time I am asked to confirm a version of the story. We are beginning to get ready to maybe think about starting to pack. The weekend was spent sorting out the stuff in the basement, emptying boxes and sorting the contents. Baby Bear was surprisingly cooperative about it too, there were a few boxes of kids stuff we decided to just get rid of and she didn't even bat an eye. This means 1 or 2 things, 1-she is growing up and showing her maturity or 2-she has WAY too much junk already and didn't really notice the 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag leave the house. I would like to think it is the first one, but I am afraid to say it is most likely the second one.

With our mind turned to minimizing this is what the sewing room currently looks like:
All the things we are trying to sell so we don't have to move them. That is nothing compared to what the basement looks like now. See for yourself!

That is the view from the top of the back stairs, I was way too embarrassed to show you Papa Bears workout space which is more heaps of stuff than space right now.

We are happy.
We are excited.
Just be happy for us.

03 June, 2009

More Camping!

We spent the weekend camping again! Papa Bear was able to have Friday off, after working extra hard the rest of the week. We headed to the deep south to set up camp, but that was just the ruse we came up with. The real reason we wanted to go visit was to see the newest member of the family! We had a lot of fun with everyone, and the camping was good too.