23 August, 2010

Math Project #1

Little Bear and I completed her first math project last week, the assignment was to create a pictograph showing peoples favorite days of the week. The first day Little Bear and I talked about our favorite days, and we added them to the graph, then Little Bear drew a picture showing why those days were our favorite.
I sent a quick text message to all of my siblings and their spouses, and asked them to include the children when they answered me. It was great; all of the responses came back within 5 minutes. I prepared a sheet of paper with a post it note on it for each person who sent us a reply, under the post it was the day they chose, and the reason they chose it.

I gave the results to Little Bear, who then transferred all the information to the pictograph. She worked on this project for 90 minutes straight! She took extra care to write all the names neatly, and to get the hair colour of each person exactly right, and to make sure that each person’s favorite colour was used in their picture. She took great care with her work, and it shows. The pictograph is awesome! Great job Little Bear!

21 August, 2010

Choice Made

The choice is made; the die has been cast, as they say. We have made our decision regarding schooling Little Bear for the upcoming school year. It will be at home. Papa Bear and I have been agonizing over this choice since October. Since the 5th week of the school year, the thought of homeschooling has been on my mind. I very nearly pulled Little Bear out of school that 5th week, I thought about it in November, and then again in March. This has been a long process, weighing the pros, the cons, and the stigma. We made a list of every benefit to leaving her in public school, weighed against being at home, alone. We talked at length of what was more important at this stage of her life, socialization, social skills, or self-esteem.
What it came down to, for us, was no child’s self esteem is worth waiting for the school to make a decision. Little Bear's self esteem is not worth waiting for other parents to take notice of their child’s hurtful behavior. She is our responsibility, and this is how we have chosen to take action. We did not step on this path blindly, or without thought. We do not go into this thinking it will be the easier choice, or the easier way. It is going to be a difficult road, with the majority of the work falling to me, I am fine with that. I am looking forward to it. What we hope to gain form choosing this more difficult journey is a lengthy list of attributes Little Bear is going to need to live in this world, and be happy.