29 December, 2010

Christmas Recap

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend.
Friday we had some family sleep over, and we stayed up late talking and laughing so much my stomach hurts.
Saturday more family came over, and my sister-in-law cooked up a fabulous turkey dinner! We played games, and ate treats, and just enjoyed each others company.
Sunday we spent after church with Papa Bears family. We ate another turkey dinner, and talked late.

It was a perfect weekend, just the way to spend the holidays!

24 December, 2010

Day 23

Today marks the end of our Names of Christ Tree advent, 
it has been wonderful and added so much to our Christmas this year. 
Merry Christmas! 

21 December, 2010

Day 21

We are nearing the end of our Names of Christ Tree advent. It has been such a wonderful addition to our Christmas. Today we read in Psalms, about - The Holy One. Which is what Christmas is all about.

Today we are grateful for our new home, we are excited to have a little piece of land to call our own. We are grateful for past experiences that make it possible for us to renovate this house without hiring anyone.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

20 December, 2010

Day 20

We are getting pretty excited here at the Bear house! It is only 4 more days until Christmas!
This morning at breakfast, as we sat around the table and read our Name of Christ Tree advent scripture for the day, I was tempted to sing it. Earlier this year I was able to perform exerpts from Handel's Messiah, with a Stake choir. Today's Name of Christ is - Prince of Peace. We read from the book of Isaiah, the scripture that is the words to the song "For Unto Us A Child is Born". I was going to sing, but Little Bear beat me to it. It was fun to hear how much of the song she remembered.

Here is a video of today's Scripture.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

18 December, 2010

Day 17 & 18

Things are roaring along here at the Bear House. We are excited that Christmas is only a week away! We have kept up with our Advent reading, though I did not post yesterday. I cannot seem ti find the cards we used for the past 2 days, to write down what the Names of Christ were, I will be more careful with the next one.

In other news, we have some news! We will be setting up house at our very own house, very soon!

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

16 December, 2010

Day 16

This morning I got a wonderful treat! I was able to sleep in! It was wonderful! Papa Bear & Little Bear made breakfast, and spent some time together this morning. Papa Bear is now done his exams, and will be home with us for the next 3 weeks, before doing his last semester! (a whole other post of glee!) So, I was not part of this mornings discussion about today's Name of Christ - Redeemer. The scripture was in Isaiah, and it was put on the back of this picture card:

This painting is titled "Forgiven" and depicts the story in the Bible where the woman was taken in sin, and Jesus Christ said "He that is without sin cast the first stone". An incredible reminder of the forgiveness that will be given if we but ask.

This afternoon after school, it was time for our annual gingerbread making! It was, as it always is, a RIOT! Icing and candy everywhere! We got our kit from a different place this year, and weren't overly happy with it. BUT! We did come up with some sweet ideas for next year!

Today we are grateful for each other, for being able to laugh and joke and just have fun with each other. Family is wonderful.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are! Don't forget to comment below if you would like your very own Names of Christ Tree card packet!

15 December, 2010

Day 15

Today our scripture was short and to the point. We were again in the book of John, reading about today's Name of Christ, which it - The Good Vine. We decided to check the footnote and found ourselves in 1st Nephi, which gave us more information.

Tonight was Little Bears school Christmas concert. She sang several numbers, and participated in a dance. It was super cute and tons of fun.

14 December, 2010

Day 14

We are now 2 weeks into our Names of Christ Tree Advent project. I am pleased to say we've not missed one single day! It has been a wonderful project for our family, well mostly for Little Bear and I. Since Pap Bear is still in school until Friday he is seldom home for our morning discussions. All that will change though this weekend when the Christmas break from school starts. I am looking forward to have both my Bears homes for 2 weeks!

This morning found us, yet again, in the book of John. Where we read about - The Good Shepard - which is today's Name of Christ. This Advent has produced another great "side effect", it has helped Little Bear become more familiar with the scriptures, she was able to find today's scripture with very little help.

Today we are grateful for only 3 more days of school, and for the upcoming break which will give us two whole weeks with nothing to do but be together!
We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are! Remember, if you would like a set of our Advent cards, leave comment below!

13 December, 2010

Day 13

Today's Advent reading took us back to the book of John, we have read several accounts of the Miracles Jesus performed during his earth ministry. Today we read about 2 blond men who called to Jesus and were told by the crowd to not speak to Jesus. The blind men however did not listen and called out again, and Jesus healed them both. To go along with that todays' Name of Christ is - The Word. Our tree now has many pictures of Christ hanging on it, and it is sure beautiful. Each evening as we gather around our tree with only its' lights shining I can see many faces of Christ hanging there. It has brought the spirit of Christmas in our home this year.

Today we are grateful for strong healthy bodies. Now that Little Bear is feeling better, things are back to normal. I am grateful my cold only lasted 4 days and not the 12 that Little Bear had to endure. We are grateful to be healthy, to be strong, and to not have any ailments that hamper our day to day life.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!
Don't forget you can leave a comment below and we will send you a packet of your very own Advent cards!

12 December, 2010

Day 12

Today's Name of Christ is - The Chosen of God. We read a scripture in Luke, and had a nice breakfast discussion again. It has been a really nice way to start our mornings. This afternoon after Church I got to spend a while at the piano practicing some Christmas Hymns. I have nearly mastered all the ones in the simplified Hymnbook. We enjoy our evening of singing together as much as we enjoy our breakfast talks.

Today we are grateful for the Gospel, and being in a country where we can go to the Church of our choice. 

11 December, 2010

Day 11

To day we got off to an early start, we had a table in our local craft fair. We spent the majority of the day there, Little Bears Community Choir performed some of their pieces, and we bought lunch from the Library table. So, when we got home we did both our our Advent scriptures, while eating our pancake dinner. Today's Name of Christ is - Lord. It was nice to sit and talk about Jesus Christ, then we moved to the piano and sang a Christmas Hymn. I love these evenings as much as the mornings, it has really brought more to my Christmas.

Updated picture of our tree, (and one of our Library book piles.)

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

10 December, 2010

Made Another One

While I was at the thrift store the other day, I found another candlestick that I thought would be perfect for a dessert stand. I just love, love the colour! I got both plates for $1.99, so I used one and I have another to use later on.

Same process as the other one.


This stand is quite tall, you can see how small the first one is, but I really like it. I think the height works and when it is displayed with other stands it will crate a nice contrast. I guess I need to make a few more then! 

Day 10

This morning we remembered to choose a picture before Little Bear had to leave for school. The past couple of mornings we haven't had time to get everything done before the bus gets here. So this morning it was nice to sit for a few minutes with our scriptures, in the Book of Revelations. Today's Name of Christ is - Bright and Morning Star. Some of the Names of Christ take a little more explaining, and talking about symbolism. Some of them seem to be a little over Little Bears level of understanding at this point, but I am sure next year she will catch on to more of them.

We have neglected to add what we are grateful for to our last couple of posts. Today, we are grateful for our warm house again, we have enjoyed nearly 2 weeks of warm temperatures and sunny days, this morning we woke up to cold temperatures, heavy frost, fog and snow. So we are very grateful for a warm home. We are grateful that there is only 1 more week of school for both Papa Bear & Little Bear and then it will be a nice long Christmas Break. We are so grateful for each other, and for all the fun we are going to have during Christmas.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

09 December, 2010

Day 9

Today found us in the book of Daniel, reading about "Messiah". I didn't really didn't feel like the scripture was quite right, so I found a different one. So, we then moved to 1 Nephi to read a second scripture. Todays little discussion was nice, Messiah is a word that Little Bear has heard before, so I didn't have to define the word for her. I tree is getting fuller of little pictures, I will post a new picture of it soon.

Last night we had Papa Bear home, and we carried on with our evening Advent project. We sit around our tree, and read some of the Christmas story from the Bible, then we gather around the piano and sing a Christmas Hymn. I get to be the pianist, and so I stumble through playing the Hymn. Papa Bear & Little Bear are such good sports with my solidly mediocre playing, and all the stopping & starting.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

08 December, 2010

Made It Myself!

So, I am kind of hesitant to share all of my little creative secrets, but this one is just too adorable! I found thing blog from another blog, and this girl (Emily) is pretty fantastic! She has really great ideas. I saw this post Emily did, and I knew I HAD to try it! So, it really isn't my idea, but I liked it so much I would love to take credit for it! I was in the city yesterday, and I went to a thrift store. Now, those that know me will understand how unusual that is, but I really wanted to try this idea. SO! I went, and I hunted and hunted and I found these little beauties!

Best part? They cost me $1.99 each.
Came home, washed them, then found my super duper glue that I use for all things crafty. Liberally spread some on the candlestick, and stuck it down to the center of the plate. In the tutorial, Emily spray painted her candlestick, but mine looked so nice and matched so well I didn't need to.

I used on of my heavy books, and a little extra weight and let it sit that way overnight.

One super sweet little dessert stand! Total cost? $4 & 5 min.

If anyone decide to make 1 or 12 of these please leave me a link in the comments, I would LOVE to see what you find! Now, go forth and craft!

Day 8

This morning we read our scripture from my bed. I have gotten the dreaded illness that Little Bear had last week. I was having a rough morning, so we sat on my bed and read from the Book of John. Today's Name of Christ is "The Light". We had a nice talk about how Jesus was like a light, and how we can be guided by following him. I am enjoying more and more these little morning discussions we are having. It is like a mini Family Home Evening every day. I hope that you and your families are enjoying this Christmas Season as much as we are.

Today we are grateful for modern medicine. We are grateful for this because it helps ease our aches and pains, it sure make being sick a little less miserable.

Don't forget to leave us a comment and tell us if you would like a Names of Christ Tree advent packet. Don't forget to include your email address.

Day 7

In November I was able to participate in a stake choir that sang excerpts from Handel's Messiah. Today's scripture took us to Isaiah, where we read about today's Name of Christ. Wonderful. Councillor. Mighty God. Reading that scripture brought back all the feelings I had while singing. Little Bear was at the concert and she couldn't stop talking about it. It was the perfect way to kick of our Christmas season.

Today we are grateful for many things; food, clothes, our home that is heated, running water, and each other.

Don't forget if you would like a Names of Christ Tree advent package, leave a comment with you email address below!  

06 December, 2010

Day 6

Today our Advent project too use to John, where we learned the meaning of the name "Rabboni". It means - Master.

Not much new to report here, Little Bear is feeling better and was able to go to school today. Things are slowly returning to normal, Papa Bear went back to school and I was able to go for a nice long run as well. 

Today we are grateful for; bright, sunny winter days when it's warm enough to get out and enjoy this beautiful part of the world. If you would like a copy of our "Names of Christ Tree" advent, don't forget to leave a comment below!

05 December, 2010

Day 5

I am home from Church today with a sick Little Bear :( BOOO! We have bee fighting this illness with her for a week now. She has missed a week of school, and managed to participate in her choir rehearsal, but that has set her back quite badly. Poor kid is sniffing, coughing and just lays there moaning. You know it's got to be bad when she isn't talking, those who know our Little Bear well will understand what I mean.

We still carried on with our Names of Christ Tree project, though this mornings discussion was not as lively has they have been, with a droopy Little Bear doing her best not to eat her breakfast. Nonetheless she was emphatic that we not forget the bag (pictured above) before she went back to bed. We still learned a great deal today, the scripture we read was a little puzzling, and just the phrasing of it made it difficult to understand. That's another little benefit of this project, really focusing on one portion of scripture, and deepening our understanding of it. This morning Little Bears selection took us to the Book of Acts, when takes place after Christ has been crucified. Todays Name of Christ is - "God's Holy Child Jesus".

Today we are grateful for a warm house, electricity, and running water. All luxuries. All things that help with treating a sick Little Bear, and sure make life a LOT more pleasant.

Here is a photo of part of our tree, 4 of our pictures are visable. I will take another next week too.

04 December, 2010

Day 4

Continuing on our journey of feeling more Christ-Like this Christmas, we found our way to John today, to read about "The Resurrection & The Life. Todays discussion reminded me of how much Christ has done for me, and for my family. I cannot say enough how much I have enjoyed this last week. I have already noticed a difference in how I am feeling about Christmas.

Today we are grateful for Papa Bear being with us, for him getting home safely on winter roads. We are also grateful for the time we get to spend together on the weekends. We are also grateful that there are only 2 more weeks until Christmas break!

03 December, 2010

Day 3

This morning we found our way to Malachi 3:1 to read about the "Messenger of The Covenant". In this mornings discussion I was once again blown away by the depths Little Bears mind goes. I am so grateful to have the Gospel in my life, and to have such amazing people who help me teach her.

I am absolutely loving this count down to Christmas, we have never down anything like this before, and I am now wondering why? It really take now time at all, less that 5 minutes. The most time I spent was on putting the pictures and scriptures together. If you would like a copy of the scriptures and Names of Christ we are using leave a comment and I will make you a set of pictures to hang on your tree, and send them to you. My gift to you this Christmas season.

02 December, 2010

Day 2

We had another wonderful discussion this morning, it was extra special because Papa Bear was able to be with us. Normally when he is home he has to leave by 6:30am to make it to school on time. He was home with us last night to attend our Ward's live Nativity & Creche display. We had a wonderful time admiring all of the different Nativity scenes that were displayed, I wish I would have taken my camera and taken a few pictures, there were some really amazing ones there. Anyway, back to our advent. Little Bear pulled out 2 pictures today, one of which didn't have a scripture on it (I had extras). The other had todays Name of Christ which is - Mediator. The scripture for this morning is found in 1Timothy 2:5. We now have 3 lovely pictures on our tree, when we get a few more I will post a picture.

I had a bit of a tough time trying to explain what a "mediator" was in terms an 8 year old could understand, but I think we eventually got there. I looked up some synonyms for the word and I found a few that really helped make it clearer. Interceder. Peacemaker. Referee. One that didn't quite fit in my opinion was, rent-a-judge, made me laugh!

Today we are grateful for warm Chinook winds that have helped clear the roads so that Papa Bear could be at home with us. We are grateful for Jesus Christ, and for the wonderful program our Ward put on last night.

We hope your feeling the spirit of Christmas.

01 December, 2010

Day 1

We started off our Advent this morning at breakfast. Little Bear was very interested in what we were doing. This mornings Names of Christ was "Bread of Life" And we read a scripture in Luke 6:36, which is the same chapter that Jesus feed the 5000. Little Bear was very interestded in discussing what the sybolism of bread was, and after our discussion she took a long time finding the perfect spot to hang our first picture. It was a really nice start to our day. We will be reading our other Advent scripture tonight by our Christmas tree right before bedtime.

In addition to our Christ centered Advent, we are also going to be focusing on being grateful. We were taught a great lesson on gratitude this past Sunday, and it really struck home with me. SO! We will now be including 1 or more things we are grateful for at the end of our posts.

Today we are grateful for, Kleenex, Cough drops, warm sweaters and the chinook that blew in and made is warm outside.


In the past day, I have come across 2 different Advent ideas that I just love! So, as a family this year we are going to follow both! We will be starting them tomorrow, well, I guess later today since it is after midnight. Anyway, on to the Advents!

Advent #1 - Names of Christ. I had some 4x3 inch pictures of Christ I bought a while ago, I mounted each picture on card stock, and attached a scripture reference & a ribbon hanger to each card.
Each Day until Christmas, Little Bear & I will draw at random a picture of Christ from the bag and read the scripture that corresponds with it, and then hang the picture on the tree. The idea came from ---> here

Advent #2 - This one is more traditional, I have heard several people follow something like this. This one is a scripture a day until Christmas.

 I wanted to dress it up a little bit, so I made 24 little envelops to hole the 24 little cards I printed up with the references on them. All the little envelopes go into a little box I decorated. We are going to read the scripture in the evening, sitting by our Christmas tree. 
I got the scripture list from ---> here 

I am looking forward to having a more Christ centered Christmas this year. I hope you are too.

24 September, 2010

Last Saturday we 3 bears participated in our towns Fun Run! It was FUN! (ha! ha!) We chose to run the 5km route, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to do it! Papa Bear came in second place! We don’t have a photo of him crossing the finish line, because with a time of 0:26:13 there was only 1 person ahead of him, and it wasn't me!

Papa Bear did get some photos of Little Bear coming in to the finish, she was a bit ahead of me with a time of 0:45:45

All I wanted to do was finish, and not die. Both goals were accomplished with an untied shoe and a time of 0:46:00. Just minutes ahead of the first place winner who ran the 10KM route. It was a good family activity, though we weren’t nearly as active the rest of the day.

22 September, 2010

She's Arrived!

Well folks, she arrived! Little Bear is now an over-the-moon owner of one American Girl Doll. The photographs speak for themselves I think. 

This one is my most favorite!

20 September, 2010

First Day of School

First Day of School has come and gone, but I wanted to put up a couple of pictures anyway, better late than never right?

17 September, 2010


During a recent bought of rearranging and tidying, I was organizing the books on the new bookshelf we put in Little Bear’s room. Each book that had a marker in it was put on a shelf together. I laughed when I was done with her books this is what the shelf looked like:

I showed Papa Bear, and told him how funny I thought it was. He then pointed out to me my book shelf, where I had also been doing some tidying up. There on one shelf were all the books of mine that had a marker:

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?

15 September, 2010

School Days

Due to a gigantic miscommunication, misinformation and missed phone calls, we ended up enrolling Little Bear into public school. I am incredibly frustrated with how everything went. We are trying to make the best of the situation though. Little Bear is doing ok so far, and hasn’t had any problems. I am feeling quite on edge about the whole thing, and I am prone to over analyzing everything, so some things have already got on my nerves. We will forge ahead though, do our best and take it one day at a time.

14 September, 2010


At the beginning of the year, Little Bear discovered American Girl Dolls. “I WANT ONE!” She declared to me, over and over and over. I told her, SURE! You may have one, but you need to save up the money for it. I thought that would be the end of it, but not so! She got an empty juice container, and decorated it. That container has lived on my counter all year. Each week when we gave Little Bear her allowance, she would pay her tithing, put part of her money into long term savings, and then she was free to use the remaining money for whatever she wanted.

I have to say I was quite pleased to see her add her spending money to her Doll Savings. To get her closer to her savings goal faster Little Bear started volunteering to do extra work around the house. One job that she seemed to really like doing was cleaning the car! My car was kept super clean inside, all for the low, low price of $5 a month! My point? Well a couple weeks ago, Little Bear was counting her money and SHE HAD ENOUGH! Out came the most recent catalog, and we poured over it for hours, choosing a doll, and an extra outfit. The doll has be purchased, and is on the way here! Stay tuned.

23 August, 2010

Math Project #1

Little Bear and I completed her first math project last week, the assignment was to create a pictograph showing peoples favorite days of the week. The first day Little Bear and I talked about our favorite days, and we added them to the graph, then Little Bear drew a picture showing why those days were our favorite.
I sent a quick text message to all of my siblings and their spouses, and asked them to include the children when they answered me. It was great; all of the responses came back within 5 minutes. I prepared a sheet of paper with a post it note on it for each person who sent us a reply, under the post it was the day they chose, and the reason they chose it.

I gave the results to Little Bear, who then transferred all the information to the pictograph. She worked on this project for 90 minutes straight! She took extra care to write all the names neatly, and to get the hair colour of each person exactly right, and to make sure that each person’s favorite colour was used in their picture. She took great care with her work, and it shows. The pictograph is awesome! Great job Little Bear!