03 December, 2010

Day 3

This morning we found our way to Malachi 3:1 to read about the "Messenger of The Covenant". In this mornings discussion I was once again blown away by the depths Little Bears mind goes. I am so grateful to have the Gospel in my life, and to have such amazing people who help me teach her.

I am absolutely loving this count down to Christmas, we have never down anything like this before, and I am now wondering why? It really take now time at all, less that 5 minutes. The most time I spent was on putting the pictures and scriptures together. If you would like a copy of the scriptures and Names of Christ we are using leave a comment and I will make you a set of pictures to hang on your tree, and send them to you. My gift to you this Christmas season.


  1. This IS awesome...I would love a copy...can you just email me the scripture/quotes and stuff? you don't to send me everything...I can just put it together, but I love the idea!

  2. This is awesome Jen! You are sooooo creative! We're doing a countdown that I recieved in 8th ward in Lethbridge, but yours looks like something I want to try. Like cc, I would love a copy!

  3. I am glad you like our Advent countdown! I need your email address and I will send you the Names & Scriptures!