09 December, 2010

Day 9

Today found us in the book of Daniel, reading about "Messiah". I didn't really didn't feel like the scripture was quite right, so I found a different one. So, we then moved to 1 Nephi to read a second scripture. Todays little discussion was nice, Messiah is a word that Little Bear has heard before, so I didn't have to define the word for her. I tree is getting fuller of little pictures, I will post a new picture of it soon.

Last night we had Papa Bear home, and we carried on with our evening Advent project. We sit around our tree, and read some of the Christmas story from the Bible, then we gather around the piano and sing a Christmas Hymn. I get to be the pianist, and so I stumble through playing the Hymn. Papa Bear & Little Bear are such good sports with my solidly mediocre playing, and all the stopping & starting.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!

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