26 November, 2009


I am Canadian, but I am posting about Thanksgiving today, on U.S. Thanksgiving. Why the 2 different dates? Weird. Anyway our Thanksgiving was done in 2 parts this year, and I am sad to say I didn't take a single photo of either event!

We went to my families home on Thanksgiving day, and had a blast! We had fun all day with rock band, and a bit of shopping. The meal was cooked by my older brother, who made the most delicious food ever! I really had no idea that he could even cook! The stuffing was my favorite part.

The following weekend we spent with Papa Bears family, their get togethers are far quieter than with my family, but just as fun. The food was pretty good, (but I won't lie, the 1st meal was better) and the company was great too. We had lots of fun playing with the babies, and playing the crazy confusing games that Papa Bears brother always brings.

We hope that your Thanksgiving was or is just as much fun as ours.

23 November, 2009


Well, we have been very bad bloggers here lately. Sorry about that. We will do some updating very very soon. Things like Thanksgiving, Halloween and all the other fun stuff us bears have been up to. Stay tuned!