29 September, 2009

Wedding Fun

My little brother got married last Friday. It was such a fun day, being with family and celebrating with the happy couple. My job for the wedding was sewing (of course!), and I really enjoyed working on the dresses for the 3 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. I also made a vest for the groom & ring bearer, 2 bow ties and my first ever long tie. I do not have permission from the entire wedding party, so I won't post pictures of everything today. If I do get permission, I will post more pictures of the day. For now, I will leave you with one I snapped of Baby Bear at the lake in her fancy dress.

18 September, 2009

Climb Every Mountain

It was a beautiful day here in Bear country, so nice I thought for a moment it was July, not the middle of September! I was struck by a stroke of genius today, as I was thinking about the nice weather and how little we have explored our new home. We didn't get a summer vacation this year, because of the move. Weekend trips are out due to heavy class loads at school and very little money. So I came up with a plan that would keep us close to home and be fairly inexpensive.

Papa Bear doesn't have school of Friday, and Baby Bear gets out early, we decided to get Baby Bear right from school and go to the very near by National Park. It is a breathtaking 40 minute drive away, and it is a great place to do some exploring. Baby Bear was thrilled that we were going to the mountains, and so we decided to climb one! Granted it is more like a large hill, and you don't even come close to breaking the tree line, but to her little legs it was mountain enough.

The mountain we climbed is a popular easy hike, called Bears Hump as seen below in the photograph. We had a nice picnic on top, enjoyed the great view, the sunshine and the wonderful fall breeze. Afterwards we enjoyed an ice cream and a leisurely drive around the village.

This is a picture of the view, looking south towards Montana. You can see the little village, the lakes and the mountain range. I plan on finding out which mountain is which so I can label this picture.

17 September, 2009

The Reason

We moved 2 months ago, to a little house on the Prairie. We like it, it has become home to us. We did a major renovation to it, and have made it ours. I often get asked why we would move where we did. There are lots of reasons, and a few days ago as Baby Bear & I were getting ready to meet the bus I was able to photograph one of the reasons we live where we do.

12 September, 2009

School Days

WHEW! It has been a crazy couple of weeks here. Baby Bear went back to school on the 31st of August, and Papa Bear went back to school on the 8th of this month. It took up a lot of my energy getting their things ready for them. We did manage to get everything, including a bag of textbooks for Papa Bear that weigh roughly the same as Baby Bear.

Baby Bear is enjoying Grade 2! (when did she grow up?) She has 2 cousins in her class, the bonus of being in a small town school! The other bonus is that there are only 13 children in the class. Yay! for small schools! Papa Bear on the other hand, is in college so his classes are huge! He is enjoying his classes so far, I believe his exact words were "School rocks!"

I don't have a first day of school picture for either of my school goers, but I do have this 5th day of school picture of Baby Bear. The fall clothes are out in stores, and the colours this year are fantastic!