12 September, 2009

School Days

WHEW! It has been a crazy couple of weeks here. Baby Bear went back to school on the 31st of August, and Papa Bear went back to school on the 8th of this month. It took up a lot of my energy getting their things ready for them. We did manage to get everything, including a bag of textbooks for Papa Bear that weigh roughly the same as Baby Bear.

Baby Bear is enjoying Grade 2! (when did she grow up?) She has 2 cousins in her class, the bonus of being in a small town school! The other bonus is that there are only 13 children in the class. Yay! for small schools! Papa Bear on the other hand, is in college so his classes are huge! He is enjoying his classes so far, I believe his exact words were "School rocks!"

I don't have a first day of school picture for either of my school goers, but I do have this 5th day of school picture of Baby Bear. The fall clothes are out in stores, and the colours this year are fantastic!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute outfit!

    Glad school rocks for B.

    Thirteen kids-- that can be pretty cool.