30 June, 2011

Embrace The Camera

It is hard to believe that it has already been a whole week! Since I haven't posted once, all you get is another installment of Embrace The Camera! (linking up over here)
Sometimes it is OK to play with your food.

23 June, 2011

Embrace The Camera

I have seen this on another blog many times, and I always wanted to participate. For some reason I never did. Well, today there are no more excuses. I have the perfect picture to use! This is the finish line picture from the marathon Little Bear and I did yesterday. To find out more about Embracing the camera, go to todays post ---> HERE
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Another Marathon!

That's right, I ran my second marathon yesterday. This time Little Bear ran with me! This event is probably my most favorite ever. It is put on by an Elementary school close to us, and it's all about getting children to be more active. The children run a full length, 26.2 mile, marathon over the course of 2 months. Everyday they run and record their distance, our entire Elementary school participated this year. On the final day, all the children who have been logging miles gather together and run the final mile.

Yesterday was the race day, and I have been logging my miles along with Little Bear, which was so fun, we ran together several times. We ran the final mile together, I kept our pace pretty quick, and Little Bear did awesome! I really enjoyed spending the day with Little Bear and her classmates. Days like these, and exactly the reason why I chose to not work outside the home. I love being at events like this, and making memories.

20 June, 2011


It's been a quiet month around here, but not for any reason in particular. There just wasn't anything going on! Until this past weekend that is. Papa Bear, who was gone working for 3 weeks, was home for his almost week off. It was just perfect timing too! Last Saturday was Little Bear's piano recital, and it was such a blessing to have Papa Bear be home for it. Just like last year, Little Bear was first on the program, and after a bit of a hiccup, she played her piece perfectly! I have included the video below. I also had the opportunity to play at the recital, a piece of my own, as well as a duet with Little Bear. It was a great year, and we both learned so much. Enjoy the video!

02 June, 2011

My Luck

A few weeks before I began training hard for the race, Papa Bear had found a commemorative Breast Cancer quarter in his change one day, and asked me if I would like to have it. I knew right then that this was the item that I wanted to have with me when I ran the race.

From the moment I signed up to run this race, I was running for two people. First, I was running in memory of My Aunt, who lost her battle with Breast Cancer 4 years ago. I wanted to run in her memory because she was an incredible person, she understood aspects of my life that no one else could and I love her for that. The second person I was running for was in honor of my cousin, who at this time is considered cancer free! From where she was 3 years ago this is a miracle, and I wanted to honor that. So, this quarter became special to me and it sat on my dresser for all 12 weeks of my training. I saw it everyday, and it reminded me what I was running for.

I posted a picture a couple days ago of my race gear, and a close up of the shoe I wore when I ran. Inside this shoe is a spot that is designed to hold a piece of technology that I do not own. This is where I decided to put my quarter. I was asked the day after the race if I was going to run again next year, and the answer is most definitely, and I will be bringing my "lucky charm: along for the ride.