02 June, 2011

My Luck

A few weeks before I began training hard for the race, Papa Bear had found a commemorative Breast Cancer quarter in his change one day, and asked me if I would like to have it. I knew right then that this was the item that I wanted to have with me when I ran the race.

From the moment I signed up to run this race, I was running for two people. First, I was running in memory of My Aunt, who lost her battle with Breast Cancer 4 years ago. I wanted to run in her memory because she was an incredible person, she understood aspects of my life that no one else could and I love her for that. The second person I was running for was in honor of my cousin, who at this time is considered cancer free! From where she was 3 years ago this is a miracle, and I wanted to honor that. So, this quarter became special to me and it sat on my dresser for all 12 weeks of my training. I saw it everyday, and it reminded me what I was running for.

I posted a picture a couple days ago of my race gear, and a close up of the shoe I wore when I ran. Inside this shoe is a spot that is designed to hold a piece of technology that I do not own. This is where I decided to put my quarter. I was asked the day after the race if I was going to run again next year, and the answer is most definitely, and I will be bringing my "lucky charm: along for the ride.

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  1. Awesome! And good job on doing that race, its incredible!