31 May, 2011

The Race

All my gear for the day.
I ran my half-marathon on Saturday. It was seriously great! It was a cool, windy and kinda rainy day, I did see some sunshine around mile 6 though! There is much swirling around in my head, feelings and impressions that I am still processing. I will post more later, but for now here is the day in pictures.

My Lucky Charm came with my in my shoe.

My Number
Starting Line

Mile 2
Mile 6

It was a long way to go, and I was pretty wet by the time I was done. I was overwhelmed with the cheering that met me at the finish line. The absolute best parts of this whole experience were:

#5 Seeing to completion a goal I had set in September 2010
#4 All of the sweet comments people made on facebook
#3 Seeing my cousins at the mile 2 and mile 11 drink stations, and having them cheer for me
#2 Having Uncle Barry drive by with his window down cheering for me, he passed me by about 12 times I think and cheered every time.
#1 have Little Bear jumping up and down at the finish line shouting "THAT'S MY MUM!"

The End.

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