19 May, 2011

Track and Field

Yesterday I was able to watch Little Bear participate in her schools track and field day. She competed in several events, and here are a few pictures. First is Little Bear coming up the home stretch on the 1500M run,

Next, is the baseball toss, not really sure what the point of this one was, but I think it was to replace the shot-put.

 Here is the long jump, this was a great event for her. She is good sprinter and I think with some practice she could totally dominate this event.

There she is in the background running her leg of the 4 x relay. In this event Little Bears team came in first place!

I was very impressed overall with the entire grade 3 group. They were such good sports, and cheered for everyone. It was a nice day to take some time out from life and just enjoy watching Little Bear doing something she enjoys.

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