10 January, 2011


Papa Bear spent some time working at a flooring store a few years ago, and was able to learn all kinds of neat tricks. One of them is how to build crazy transition pieces to put where 2 kinds of flooring meet. We needed just such a piece at the door of the one bathroom. This is what needed to be filled in:

Here's what it looked like once it was filled in:

In order to achieve this perfect transition and make it look so good, Papa Bear made this crazy piece from some hardwood scrap. 

08 January, 2011

How Square

Things are moving ahead! 
Papa Bear spent some time at the new cave this morning. 
Wait until you see what we are going to do with these:

05 January, 2011

Chocolate Walls

Made me smile today when Little Bear came into the bathroom where I was painting and said that it looked like I had painted it with Chocolate Milk. I agree, it is a wonderful warm colour and I can't wait until I get to finish the room!

04 January, 2011


We haven't posted much, we've been keeping busy getting our new cave ready for living in. Things are coming along very well, we have lights in every room now! One project we've focused on was making our stairs safe. This is what they looked like right at first:

Then Papa Bear built us the wonderful safe rail:

Eventually we plan on adding to this, it will have a picket fence look to it. There will be tons more pictures and updates as we get closer to being done.