22 May, 2009

Night Out

There was a movie night at the school today, we didn't stay for the movie part it was getting late. Baby Bear enjoyed running around with her friends, eating pizza and just HAD to get her face painted. Pretty inexpensive way to entertain a little bear for an evening.

13 May, 2009

More Changes

There are more changes happening here at the Bear house. BIG changes too! Papa Bear is going to go to school in the fall, and the school is not in our current town. We will be making a big move in late August. There is much excitement here in the Bear house about this. 

It is kind of funny though, when you have a plan and suddenly you have committed to doing something very different. You see, we had a plan. 2 Months ago we had a good plan, our lives where falling into place and we were happy and excited. Out of no were we had a thought, and suddenly we were having second thoughts about our first plan. In a matter of 1 week, we had completely changed our plans. I should say, our plans were changed for us. 

We know we are being guided and that this big change is what we need to do. We will be sad to leave this town, we love it here. I guess change in necessary for growth, so we are off to grow!

11 May, 2009

Good Day

I had a good mother's day yesterday, despite looking like I had been in an altercation the night before. Baby Bear was super sweet, she was all geared up for the traditional best pancakes on earth breakfast in bed, but realized quickly that I can't chew, kind of a bummer. Not to be down for too long Baby Bear brought me an envelope of things she had made at school. 

Inside was a handmade card with a touching get well message written inside and,

A raft, I wondered about it for a minute, but she quickly explained it was for my drink.
Papa Bear also gave me a gift, something that I will treasure.

It certainly was a day of rest at the Bear house yesterday, and I was grateful for it. We enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon, my favorite way to spend a Sunday. The only really disappointing part was that Baby Bear spoke in Primary yesterday and I missed it! I was told she did very well though I would have liked to have been there. I hope your Mother's Day was great too.

10 May, 2009

Mother's Day


I hope you all have a wonderful day! 
I hope you get spoiled!
This post is going to be all about me! 
I'm the Mom, so it should be!
I chose a few of my favorite Mom pictures to share with you.

First: My very first day as a Mom
Second: I just love this picture
Third: This is how much FUN it is to be the Mom!

02 May, 2009

Witty Conversation

My Mother suggested that I set up a blog for our family. I did what I always do and sent a message to my 6 siblings on Facebook. The "conversation" went like this: 

My initaial message: Mom wants me to start a family blog where everyone can post. I can do that if you all want to, but I sense that there will be a lot of No Thank yous to this request. No worries. I thought I would share her message to me about it anyway.
Pete: VETO lol
Me: Thats what I figured.
Repeat: I don't care one way or the other.
Me: Well, you would have to post something once in a while.
Pete: slurpee run?
Repeat: dude, totally
Pete: u drive
Repeat: we can meet in Dead Rear
Pete: done
Repeat: okay, now we got to figure out when
Hector: im coming via camel train
Repeat: I call coming by Goose.
Pete: lol ok thursday ill start walking
Repeat: K, neet you there. I might be late though.
Pete: k man
Lou Loo: You guys crack me up -- this should totally be on a family blog sight
Me: Ok, I will put it up today!
Repeat: does anybody know how much it costs to mount a whale?

This is a prety typical flow of conversation when there is a question posed. We don't get much accoplished, but we have a lot of laughs!