11 May, 2009

Good Day

I had a good mother's day yesterday, despite looking like I had been in an altercation the night before. Baby Bear was super sweet, she was all geared up for the traditional best pancakes on earth breakfast in bed, but realized quickly that I can't chew, kind of a bummer. Not to be down for too long Baby Bear brought me an envelope of things she had made at school. 

Inside was a handmade card with a touching get well message written inside and,

A raft, I wondered about it for a minute, but she quickly explained it was for my drink.
Papa Bear also gave me a gift, something that I will treasure.

It certainly was a day of rest at the Bear house yesterday, and I was grateful for it. We enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon, my favorite way to spend a Sunday. The only really disappointing part was that Baby Bear spoke in Primary yesterday and I missed it! I was told she did very well though I would have liked to have been there. I hope your Mother's Day was great too.

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