30 November, 2011


Tomorrow is December, it still feels like August to me.
Not weather wise, but time wise.

Tomorrow we will start our second year of using our two advents to count down to the big night. I was super excited for this year, due to a change in Papa Bears job in September, he was going to be able to be with us every night! Last year he missed a few night because of school related things. I was looking forward to this holiday season, I had plans galore! Concerts, activities, Little Bear is in a play, the town has lots of stuff going on, and I was going to do it all.

Not anymore.
We got word that Papa Bear has a job he needs to do, out of town. Way....way....out of town.
12 hours away. For 24days. He left this morning and is expected home on December 23.

so. sad.
It's just not the same without him.

11 November, 2011


How do I not take a minute and write about today? How can I let this day go past without falling to my knees in gratitude? I can't. The words "Thank You" are not big enough to express what is in my heart.

To those that fought, who are fighting, You have my deepest gratitude for giving me the opportunity to live in a free land. To raise my daughter with freedoms like, education, a religion of our choosing, and the ability to walk outside without fear.

I am grateful, I will never forget.

09 November, 2011


It's been a whole week since I last wrote something. I had plans of writing about some things, making some things, and now I don't feel like it at all. Some things have happened in the last week that has taken, or rather, sucked all the desire to do anything out of my life.

Instead of crafting, and sewing, and enjoying the sunshine we still have, I have been enveloped is a cloud of sadness that I cannot seem to shake. Maybe I am over thinking things, maybe I am being selfish. Whatever the reason, I may be absent from here for a while.

isn't this fabulous?

02 November, 2011

Thrifty Find

I am not one of those people who haunt thrift stores, for one I don't have the patience to sift through 86 things to hopefully find the 1 treasure lurking there, plus I live at least 60 minutes away from one. After I saw this post, I went to the thrift store to see if I could find something to make one, I did, (see here) so I made two. Then I stumbled upon stuff to make a third, then I went to a thrift store and found stuff to make a fourth, then a fifth and sixth. Yesterday I had the chance to be in the city, so I made, my now typical, stop at the thrift store, while I did find supplies to make more cake plates, I think I also found a treasure.