08 December, 2010

Made It Myself!

So, I am kind of hesitant to share all of my little creative secrets, but this one is just too adorable! I found thing blog from another blog, and this girl (Emily) is pretty fantastic! She has really great ideas. I saw this post Emily did, and I knew I HAD to try it! So, it really isn't my idea, but I liked it so much I would love to take credit for it! I was in the city yesterday, and I went to a thrift store. Now, those that know me will understand how unusual that is, but I really wanted to try this idea. SO! I went, and I hunted and hunted and I found these little beauties!

Best part? They cost me $1.99 each.
Came home, washed them, then found my super duper glue that I use for all things crafty. Liberally spread some on the candlestick, and stuck it down to the center of the plate. In the tutorial, Emily spray painted her candlestick, but mine looked so nice and matched so well I didn't need to.

I used on of my heavy books, and a little extra weight and let it sit that way overnight.

One super sweet little dessert stand! Total cost? $4 & 5 min.

If anyone decide to make 1 or 12 of these please leave me a link in the comments, I would LOVE to see what you find! Now, go forth and craft!


  1. I LOVE it!! I'm going to make one as soon as I can find stuff for it...I am kind of obsessed with all sorts of dessert stands...I already have a tonne, but making them myslef will definitely help me save money whenever I want a new one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this one looks GREAT! thanks for linking up my tutorial :)

    have a fab night!