05 December, 2010

Day 5

I am home from Church today with a sick Little Bear :( BOOO! We have bee fighting this illness with her for a week now. She has missed a week of school, and managed to participate in her choir rehearsal, but that has set her back quite badly. Poor kid is sniffing, coughing and just lays there moaning. You know it's got to be bad when she isn't talking, those who know our Little Bear well will understand what I mean.

We still carried on with our Names of Christ Tree project, though this mornings discussion was not as lively has they have been, with a droopy Little Bear doing her best not to eat her breakfast. Nonetheless she was emphatic that we not forget the bag (pictured above) before she went back to bed. We still learned a great deal today, the scripture we read was a little puzzling, and just the phrasing of it made it difficult to understand. That's another little benefit of this project, really focusing on one portion of scripture, and deepening our understanding of it. This morning Little Bears selection took us to the Book of Acts, when takes place after Christ has been crucified. Todays Name of Christ is - "God's Holy Child Jesus".

Today we are grateful for a warm house, electricity, and running water. All luxuries. All things that help with treating a sick Little Bear, and sure make life a LOT more pleasant.

Here is a photo of part of our tree, 4 of our pictures are visable. I will take another next week too.

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