01 December, 2010

Day 1

We started off our Advent this morning at breakfast. Little Bear was very interested in what we were doing. This mornings Names of Christ was "Bread of Life" And we read a scripture in Luke 6:36, which is the same chapter that Jesus feed the 5000. Little Bear was very interestded in discussing what the sybolism of bread was, and after our discussion she took a long time finding the perfect spot to hang our first picture. It was a really nice start to our day. We will be reading our other Advent scripture tonight by our Christmas tree right before bedtime.

In addition to our Christ centered Advent, we are also going to be focusing on being grateful. We were taught a great lesson on gratitude this past Sunday, and it really struck home with me. SO! We will now be including 1 or more things we are grateful for at the end of our posts.

Today we are grateful for, Kleenex, Cough drops, warm sweaters and the chinook that blew in and made is warm outside.

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