01 December, 2010


In the past day, I have come across 2 different Advent ideas that I just love! So, as a family this year we are going to follow both! We will be starting them tomorrow, well, I guess later today since it is after midnight. Anyway, on to the Advents!

Advent #1 - Names of Christ. I had some 4x3 inch pictures of Christ I bought a while ago, I mounted each picture on card stock, and attached a scripture reference & a ribbon hanger to each card.
Each Day until Christmas, Little Bear & I will draw at random a picture of Christ from the bag and read the scripture that corresponds with it, and then hang the picture on the tree. The idea came from ---> here

Advent #2 - This one is more traditional, I have heard several people follow something like this. This one is a scripture a day until Christmas.

 I wanted to dress it up a little bit, so I made 24 little envelops to hole the 24 little cards I printed up with the references on them. All the little envelopes go into a little box I decorated. We are going to read the scripture in the evening, sitting by our Christmas tree. 
I got the scripture list from ---> here 

I am looking forward to having a more Christ centered Christmas this year. I hope you are too.

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