24 September, 2010

Last Saturday we 3 bears participated in our towns Fun Run! It was FUN! (ha! ha!) We chose to run the 5km route, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to do it! Papa Bear came in second place! We don’t have a photo of him crossing the finish line, because with a time of 0:26:13 there was only 1 person ahead of him, and it wasn't me!

Papa Bear did get some photos of Little Bear coming in to the finish, she was a bit ahead of me with a time of 0:45:45

All I wanted to do was finish, and not die. Both goals were accomplished with an untied shoe and a time of 0:46:00. Just minutes ahead of the first place winner who ran the 10KM route. It was a good family activity, though we weren’t nearly as active the rest of the day.

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