14 September, 2010


At the beginning of the year, Little Bear discovered American Girl Dolls. “I WANT ONE!” She declared to me, over and over and over. I told her, SURE! You may have one, but you need to save up the money for it. I thought that would be the end of it, but not so! She got an empty juice container, and decorated it. That container has lived on my counter all year. Each week when we gave Little Bear her allowance, she would pay her tithing, put part of her money into long term savings, and then she was free to use the remaining money for whatever she wanted.

I have to say I was quite pleased to see her add her spending money to her Doll Savings. To get her closer to her savings goal faster Little Bear started volunteering to do extra work around the house. One job that she seemed to really like doing was cleaning the car! My car was kept super clean inside, all for the low, low price of $5 a month! My point? Well a couple weeks ago, Little Bear was counting her money and SHE HAD ENOUGH! Out came the most recent catalog, and we poured over it for hours, choosing a doll, and an extra outfit. The doll has be purchased, and is on the way here! Stay tuned.

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