13 December, 2010

Day 13

Today's Advent reading took us back to the book of John, we have read several accounts of the Miracles Jesus performed during his earth ministry. Today we read about 2 blond men who called to Jesus and were told by the crowd to not speak to Jesus. The blind men however did not listen and called out again, and Jesus healed them both. To go along with that todays' Name of Christ is - The Word. Our tree now has many pictures of Christ hanging on it, and it is sure beautiful. Each evening as we gather around our tree with only its' lights shining I can see many faces of Christ hanging there. It has brought the spirit of Christmas in our home this year.

Today we are grateful for strong healthy bodies. Now that Little Bear is feeling better, things are back to normal. I am grateful my cold only lasted 4 days and not the 12 that Little Bear had to endure. We are grateful to be healthy, to be strong, and to not have any ailments that hamper our day to day life.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas as much as we are!
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