02 May, 2011

The Down. The Low

The grand march into the auditorium stalled, and this was the best shot I could get of him.
My brief post yesterday was all about cheering for Papa Bear and his being done school. We are still kind of in shock that it is all done, despite the fact he left yesterday to go to work. Papa Bear doesn't have an official title, but he does have a lot of fancy new skillz he'll be putting to work. We are excited that he was courted by 3 different companies over the past few months, it gave us the opportunity to be really picky about who he worked  for. We ended up choosing the same company he did summer work for last year, they are Alberta owned, and diversified, and encourage continuous learning. We have high hopes that this company will provide Papa Bear with advancement opportunities, and maybe even give us the chance to move back to a place we love, and miss very much. All in all we are very happy with how things have turned out for us, we take no credit at all for ourselves. The windows of Heaven have indeed been opened.

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