23 June, 2011

Another Marathon!

That's right, I ran my second marathon yesterday. This time Little Bear ran with me! This event is probably my most favorite ever. It is put on by an Elementary school close to us, and it's all about getting children to be more active. The children run a full length, 26.2 mile, marathon over the course of 2 months. Everyday they run and record their distance, our entire Elementary school participated this year. On the final day, all the children who have been logging miles gather together and run the final mile.

Yesterday was the race day, and I have been logging my miles along with Little Bear, which was so fun, we ran together several times. We ran the final mile together, I kept our pace pretty quick, and Little Bear did awesome! I really enjoyed spending the day with Little Bear and her classmates. Days like these, and exactly the reason why I chose to not work outside the home. I love being at events like this, and making memories.

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