08 June, 2009

The Beginning

So the news is out! The Bear house is moving. The rumor mill is running at full speed judging from the amount of corrections I have to make each time I am asked to confirm a version of the story. We are beginning to get ready to maybe think about starting to pack. The weekend was spent sorting out the stuff in the basement, emptying boxes and sorting the contents. Baby Bear was surprisingly cooperative about it too, there were a few boxes of kids stuff we decided to just get rid of and she didn't even bat an eye. This means 1 or 2 things, 1-she is growing up and showing her maturity or 2-she has WAY too much junk already and didn't really notice the 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag leave the house. I would like to think it is the first one, but I am afraid to say it is most likely the second one.

With our mind turned to minimizing this is what the sewing room currently looks like:
All the things we are trying to sell so we don't have to move them. That is nothing compared to what the basement looks like now. See for yourself!

That is the view from the top of the back stairs, I was way too embarrassed to show you Papa Bears workout space which is more heaps of stuff than space right now.

We are happy.
We are excited.
Just be happy for us.