22 January, 2009

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

This is Papa Bear
He is our rock, or support and our constant cheerleader. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Papa Bear manages a flooring company, and also installs floors. He does amazing work, which we will showcase in another post. Papa Bear loves the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, rock climbing, running, biking, swimming, going to the beach. You name it he is game, especially the one about going to the beach.

I am Mama Bear I will be doing the most writing here. I am the keeper of the den, I am incredibly blessed to be able to stay home and look after our home and Baby Bear. I also have an unlimited allowance to brag about my family, which I take full advantage of. I am an avid scrapbooker, and I love! love! sewing. My speciality is fancy dresses for weddings or big events. I always make 2 of everything because I have a niece just older than Baby Bear and they love to match. I also sew custom PJ's and enjoy putting unique touches on my projects. Recently I have also started making hairbows, which is a lot of fun!

This is our sunshine Baby Bear

She is the greatest kid you will ever meet. Baby Bear has a stunning imagination, a byproduct I think from all those hours not spent in front of a TV or video game. Anyone who has heard her belly laugh will agree she is hilarious and so much fun! Baby Bear is turning 7 in just a few weeks and gets bigger by the minute. Baby Bear is in Grade 1, and I am told that she is the best reader in the class.
We are the three bears.


  1. This is grammie bear and this is wonderful

  2. This is Grandpapeth Bear and I know that all three a wonderful and loving bears. They bring great joy to our lifes.

  3. This is a great way to help family far away to keep up with your busy lives. We do this too and our family loves it! Good luck with the blogging, it is kind of like digital scrapbooking in a way!

  4. On our anniversary, huh? Cool.

    That's a good photo of you on the couch. I wonder if you have any idea how pretty you are.

    Em IS a good reader. I'm really excited that 5-year-old Daisy is reading some now and the other kids in my CTR 7 class are not. Not that I'm glad they can't read but when you have two older kids who advanced so quickly, it's easy to get insecure about the "average" kid and it's easy for her to think she's dumb for being average. It's nice to find out that, hey-- maybe she's a little above average! It just makes my life easier, is all.

    That fall photo in the header is so beautiful.