02 December, 2009


Well, Halloween was more than a month ago, but I am trying to catch up on these missed posts. So here is goes.

Baby Bear wanted very much to dress up this year, for her class party, I reluctantly agreed to let her, but with some strict guidelines regarding her costume. This is what I came up with, using only items we already had

On the day of the class party, I was running errands and planned on meeting Baby Bear at the school after lunch to help her into her costume, which I had with me. I was on my way to the school, when I got a phone call from Baby Bear's teacher, telling me the costume parade was about to start and Baby Bear was without her costume. Well, I didn't know there was a parade, I didn't make it to the school in time for her to put on her costume. I was upset at the lack of communication, and Baby Bear was fit to be tied that she was the only child who didn't have a costume for the parade.

I was able to calm down the angry little bear, and get her into her costume so she could participate in the little party. Lesson learned though, next year the costume will be going to school with Baby Bear, not to the Grocery store with me.

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