13 October, 2011


Books, Papa Bear says we have to many. I say - not possible! Books, my escape, my alternate reality, my education. I learn things when I read, things like the names of some characters aren't just weird words like "Regulus" or "Sirius", they are the names of stars. I love books, and I have tried very hard to teach Little Bear to love books. Not just any books, but books with soul. Books with depth. Books that will uplift and teach. That is why today I am filled with happiness. Yes, happiness over books.

Today was the start of the book fair at school, we always go and we always buy something. Today as we prowled around looking at everything I noticed something. Little Bear would only hover for a second at books with pink covers, or ones that had fairy's on the cover. She drifted past all the .50 cent items, and silly trinkets. I found her in the back corner, in front of a shelf of books that had no pink, no fairy's. After several moments of deliberation, she made her choice. When she showed me her choice, I was impressed. Books with soul. Books with heart. Books full of history. Instead of fluffy books (as I call them) a trilogy of books about the Titanic.

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