02 March, 2009

Baby Bear is an excellent reader, she learned very quickly how to read over Christmas break 2007. She was in Kindergarten then, and I was amazed at how fast she picked it up. Now after being about to read for more than a year Baby Bear has moved on from simple stories and prefers longer stories or even chapter books like the Junie B. Jones series. She has also said on occasion, after reading a story: "Nah! That was too easy, we need to give this book away."
One thing that is constantly frustrating to Baby Bear is that words are often not spelled like they sound. Words like: Station she pronounces stat-ee-on because who would think that "tion" sounds like: "shun". City becomes kitty. It is confusing when sometimes a "C" makes a hard sound, but other times it sounds like and "S". Over all Baby Bear does amazingly well and catches on quickly when I offer her assistance.  I love that she wants a challenge too, trying to sound out 4 or 5 syllable words without help. I have always wanted her to love reading, and I am very glad it has come naturally for her, she is often happy to sit and read for an hour or 2.

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