17 March, 2009

Life goes on here at the Bear house! We are anxious for spring to get here, Mother Nature has been teasing us with 1 nice day with sunshine then we get a few cloudy and cold days. Papa Bear is busy, busy, working from sun up to sun down! He has really been able to bring out his creativity in the floors he worked on the past couple of weeks. The picture below is a few examples of what he has done & believe me, this photograph does not do it justice. We are sure proud of him and his amazing talents! He is such a hard worker.
Papa Bear & I are working towards a major purchase in the near future too! We are negotiating the purchase of the company he is currently working for. It is an exciting time for us, and we are looking forward to the challange of owning a company and we are excited about making some changes too.

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  1. wow, that IS a big event, and an exciting one!!