05 July, 2011

Cameron Lake

We took another hiking trip up to Waterton Park on Saturday. We decided to go up to Cameron Lake, since we had never been up there, ever, to our recolection. It is a gorgeous fresh water lake, on the east end of Forum Peak, the very southern part of Cameron Lake is actually in the U.S. The photo above you can see a wide view of the lake, and Forum Peak on the end.

Papa Bear and I cannot recall ever going up to Cameron Lake before, so we decided to start our summer hiking season here. We walked the shoreline trail, along the west side of the lake. It is a flat, easy hike that runs right along the edge of the lake. It takes about an hour to walk this out and back trail. While we were there, there was still quite a lot of run off coming down the mountainside, and quite a bit of ice still floating on the lake. We weren't able to make it to the end of the trail because there was the remains of the avalanches that occur in the area most winters.

This is the perfect, quick hike if you are going with young children. We enjoyed our quick trip up to the lake, on the way back down to the town site, we happened upon this little guy! It was our second Grizzly Bear sighting that day!

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