12 July, 2011


I love books, anyone who knows me even a little would know I love to read. Always have really. I have been called a nerd, bookworm, and other names during my lifetime. Those names don't bother me anymore, though sometime I feel a tiny bit Hermione-ish, when I say, I've read a book/article/blog about that! So it should come as no surprise to anyone, that my heart skipped a beat when I came across these beauties. Out of the blue, and purely by accident.

Three classic books, written by Charles Dickens. Three books being sold altogether! These books are in amazing condition for being over 100 years old, all the pages are there, all the pages are readable! There are even some sweet notations made in the margins by a former owner. Happy day when I made them mine, for a total steal! and happier still when they arrived at my door. They now grace the top of my piano along side my old, old editions of the Book of Mormon, and my Jane Austen's that are not vintage, but sure look like they could be.

I wonder how many books will fit on the Piano?

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