26 September, 2011


During the summer we moved. Again. We bought a cute little house that was all done, but in serious need of an update. There are plenty of projects that could be done, but there are none that have to be done right away. I like that. I have a million ideas for this place, and I have already started some and finish others. We had a little dinner here with Papa Bears family a couple weeks ago, and my one sister-in-law wanted to see how I had "Mam Bear-ized" the house. So here are a couple of before/afters to show how we've started to put our personalities into our new little cave.

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

Of course it is now was cleaner *cough*, and those pictures will be coming. So, our new place? We love it, and it is sure fun to Mama Bear-ize it. Feel free to stop in for a tour!

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