09 September, 2011

Summit Lake

At the end of July Little Bear had the chance to go visit her cousins for a week. During this week Papa Bear and I stole a quick trip to our mountains to hike. We also packed, moved, un-packed, and laid a tile floor during the week. I really wanted to make sure we spent some time at a higher elevation, so we set out on one of the nicest days this summer! We chose to do Summit Lake, it was the hike I had been wanting to do all summer and it was worth it!

This hike take you up the south/west side of Mount Carthew. You are in the trees for the majority of the time, but if you look back now and then you can catch glimpses of some very impressive scenery. This is a view of Cameron Lake.

This trail starts out nice and easy, and is only that way long enough to fool you into thinking that this hike will be a piece of cake. It's not. Not that is it super hard, we have hiked harder, but this one will definitely get you breathing. I am sure, had Little Bear been along, she would have been able to do this hike no problem. We say younger children that her on the trail, as well as some older people. 

First glimpse of the lake

Summit Lake
 This hike took us a solid 4 hours to do, I am sure it could be done quicker, but why? You would miss so much if you sped along the trail. This trail does continue onto the summit of Mount Carthew, and will eventually take you all the way back to the town site. 

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