06 April, 2011


Remember my sewing machine from my last post? Ever since I posted about wanting to use it in my living room the history of the sewing machine has been on my mind. I knew it belonged to my Grandma, and then my Mother, but beyond that I didn't know anything.

I did some emailing and some searching, and found out quite a bit more information. First off, Thanks to technology and search engines I actually found the production date for this machine. Not just an approximate time, but the actual production date! I got so excited!

I also got some really good historical information from my Uncle, who is a family history buff. I have learned a lot not only about the sewing machine but my Grandmother. Learning all these new things has kind of put me into an emotional overload today, so I am not ready to share everything. I have promised my family I would compile all the new information into a essay/story and share it with them. I am looking forward to doing that next week. One thing I learned, My Grandma loved her sewing machine, and making things for her family. Something that we share.

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