12 April, 2011


Yesterday while I was being all energetic and super crafty in-between loads of laundry I came up with another MUST DO project! I have mentioned Little Bears doll - Meagan before. I recently made a copy cat of 2 dance recital dresses for the doll, out of scraps. (see here) I was doing some tidying up in my craft corner and came across more dance costume scraps. I knew just what to make!

A copy cat rainbow tu-tu! It is the cutest thing ever! Total length is about 5 1/2 inches. I love it! It is exactly like the 12 I made for Little Bears ballet class, they are dancing to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". I had it made in about half an hour, and so I dressed Meagan in it and set her to wait on Little Bears bed (really I just wanted an excuse to play with her dolls!) She was thrilled! I love the loud WHAAA!!!??? That came from her when she spotted Meagan in all her tu-tu cute glory!

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