30 March, 2011

Sew A Little Something

I took today to make a little something for my favorite Little Bear. I had a few scrapes of things leftover from my recent sewing frenzy, and I put together a skirt for Little Bears Doll. The scraps came from a sewing project I did for Little Bears dance class. So now her and Meagan (the doll) can match!

First: I took the lower leg from some old jeans, to cut the main skirt from. I measured the waist of the doll, then cut a length 1 and half times as long as the measurement. The jeans I used weren't long enough so I just sewed 2 pieces together. The length of the skirt is the measurement from the Doll's waist to the knee.

Second: I cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wide, and 3 times as long as the waist measurement to make a ruffle. Fold the width of ruffle in half, and baste together. Gather up the ruffle and sew onto the skirt.


Third: I made a casing for the elastic, threaded the elastic through and TA-DA! All done!

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