23 March, 2011

The Family Craft

I have stumbled across a wonderful LDS resource, a blog, it is full of excellent ideas, and after spending about 2 hours looking through the archives, my head was swimming with so many ideas. On of the more recent posts included a free printable craft that we did for Family Home Evening yesterday. Papa Bear isn't home on Mondays, so we try to have our FHE on Sundays, but if we forget or I am not prepared most often it goes un-done. Well this week we had Papa Bear home, and so I pulled out the pages I had printed off and we put together the cutest little banner. Each of the pennants have a key word on them, which was taken from The Family: A Proclamation to The World. To see the Blog I adore, click ---> HERE

Little Bear and I cut them out while Papa Bear read parts of The Proclamation to us.

We hot glued the pennants onto some ribbon I had on hand.

We put our banner up in the living room where we can see it all the time. Super easy, and super cute!

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