10 March, 2010

White Dress 2 of 3

We had an excellent weekend, here at the Bear house. Little Bear, who recently turned 8, was Baptized! She was so excited about is, and it was all she could talk about for weeks before. In our area, we have Stake Baptism day, so all the children who turned 8 in February, were all Baptized on the same day. It worked out that 2 of Little Bear's friends were Baptized with her.

I think what made this weekend the most special, to me, was that I was Baptized on March 7. So, Little Bear and I were Baptized on the same weekend. As an added element of specialness, Little Bear also wore the Dress that I was Baptized in. This dress, also worn by my 3 sisters, was made from my mother's wedding dress.

Little Bear got great support from Papa Bear's family, all of her cousins from that side of the family were able to attend. After we went out for ice cream, and I didn't get any pictures of that, but we sure had a great time.

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