14 April, 2010

Stitch in Time

I love to sew, anyone who have known me for a day or more would know that. I also like to quilt, but I rarely do. Currently in my 900 sq. ft. house there is very little room to do either. This week though, I felt like I needed a project. So early Monday morning I dug out my boxes of fabric from under the sewing table and started ironing and thinking. I chose to do a log cabin block quilt, in all my favorite fabrics. It took me all day to get them cut, and ready to stitch. Today I finished putting the quilt top together, and I just ♥ love it! ♥It is totally a me kind of quilt, and I can't wait to get the backing, which will be red, and get it put together.

Turning the blocks this way and that way, which way looks best?

Love all those mis-matchy scraps

That border is just too sweet! 


  1. OOoooo...I LOVE it!! So much fun! And I know how you feel about space....we have even less here so sewing is an infrequent activity. :(

  2. Love the colors!! It turned out great! I have felt the urge to quilt as well, so I sorted through all my scraps. That is a far as I got!! Maybe this will encourage me!