06 April, 2010


Little Bear has been taking piano lessons since the start of the school year. She is doing very well, so well in fact, she has already finished the lesson book! She has moved on to the Level 1 book now, early! The last song in the beginner book was a doozy! I thought it was quite tricky for a primer level, but the instructor insisted she learn it. (I have a photo of it below) 

So, with the songs assigned from the new book, we worked on this song, for 3 weeks! There were many moments of "I hate this song!" And stomping away in frustration. I am pleased to announce that Little Bear persevered and has now passed off the song! 

I took a video of Little Bear playing the song, to hopefully remind her that she can do hard things, and succeed
GOOD JOB! Little Bear!


  1. that is so awesome, you guys are doing great keep up the good work. ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I remember the Wigwam song...I still remember what it sounds like! :) Good job!!