17 May, 2010

Heart of A Lion

First some background:
Little Bears school has been doing a "wellness incentive" where the children can earn points, by eating fresh vegetable or fruit, running, or reading. When you get 5 points you put your apple in the draw for some fun prizes, they drew weekly. Little Bear was fortunate enough to win the very first week and got a book.

Telling Papa Bear ALL about it!

Fast forward 8 weeks, Little Bear has valiantly eaten her vegetables every day. Weeks of choking down carrots, and cucumbers, loving the weeks that strawberries were on sale. She worked really hard, but did not win another prize - until last week. When she arrived home from school last Thursday, she came running in yelling "I WON! I WON!"

She then put down the water bottle she had chosen as her prize, and asked me for some wrapping paper. Now, Little Bear is prone to changing topics very quickly, and has been know to actually change topics mid-sentence, but this was a leap I couldn't follow. I got her a gift bag and she disappeared into her room without saying another word. I didn't really think about it again until Papa Bear came home, Little Bear guided him to the sofa, and made him close his eyes. She then went to her room and got the gift bag and gave it to Papa Bear. I was shocked, and in tears when out of the bag he pulls the water bottle Little Bear got as a prize. 

She tells him that she ate all those carrots (she really kind of hates carrots) so she could win a water bottle and give it to him. What!? This kid has the biggest heart! It was all her own idea too!

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