03 May, 2010

Attempting a Craft

I saw a post several weeks ago on a design blog I like to read. It gave a suggestion for using old picture frames, and silk flowers. I decided I really wanted to try it, and do so without spending much money.

I had some old frames collecting dust in my basement, so I sorted through them and found 2 that matched. Cost: $0

I removed the glass and used it as a temple for cutting some cardstock, I had leftover from something else, for a backing. Cost:$0

After storing the glass, I glued the cardstock into the frame, then it was time to find silk flowers to use. I didn't have any large enough on hand, but I came across 2 large daisy's at Michael's that were on sale. Cost:$4.20

I removed the stems, and glues the layers of the daisy together, then glues each flower to one of the prepared frames. These frames did not have a hanger on them, they were designed to sit on a surface, so I used a scrap of ribbon that matched each flower to make a hanger. Cost:$0

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